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INMO Scores and Results

Heya! INMO Results are out! Well, I am now a 3 times IMOTCer :D. Very excited to meet every one of you! My INMO score was exactly 26 with a distribution of 17|0|0|0|0|9, which was a fair grading cause after problem 1, I tried problem 6 next. I was hoping for some partials in problem 4 but didn't get any.  I am so so so excited to meet everyone! Can't believe my olympiad journey is going to end soon..  I thought to continue the improvement table I made last year! ( I would still have to add my EGMO performance and also IMO TST performance too) 2018-2019[ grade 8]:  Cleared PRMO, Cleared RMO[ State rank 4], Wrote INMO 2019-2020[ grade 9]:  Cleared PRMO, Cleared RMO[ State topper], Wrote INMO ( but flopped it) 2020-2021[grade 10]:  Cleared IOQM, Cleared INMO [ Through Girl's Quota] 2021-2022[grade 11]:  Wrote EGMO 2022 TST[ Rank 8], Qualified for IOQM part B directly, Cleared IOQM-B ( i.e INMO) [Through general quota],  2022-2023 [grade 12]:  Wrote EGMO 2023 TST [ Rank 2], Mad