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IOQM Results declared and INMO predictions :-

So IOQM results got declared, and I got selected through regional quota, I was getting 32. So yeah..since I am from Assam, we had regional top 30 cutoff as 15, and girls quota 8. Kind of happy since I got selected, but had I been a bit more concentrated and think less complicated and made less silly mistakes, I think I would have been scored  nicer marks. Also sad because people who deserved more than me couldn't get through because they lived at a competitive state.😔 So for INMO, I am scared as hell, this would be my 3rd attempt, though this year I am way more serious than last 2 years. But this year would be my last year, then I will take JEE/KVPY. So I want to end everything with a happy note 😃  though it seems almost impossible. JiB calculated that nearly 1200 students will give INMO, and only 30 seats 😂.  May the person who deserves to clear INMO, clear INMO. Also I won't be sad if I don't qualify 😂, it just implies there way more hardworking students, and that'

Hanabi :)

Today's post is about Hanabi..  Basically a game I played after a long time with Serena and Sanjana. To learn more about Hanbi, see  this . Here's the ID . This was the first time I was playing a rainbow and white 3 suits variant :P.. In summary we lost , we got only 21/25 score, but I think we did our best ( the deck was bad).. But here's something I really liked [ 'cause I did a 3- layered self finesse :P]   here's the clued version: So I gave a 4 clue to Serena(anser ), but note that the 4 card was a chop card, so by conventions it's a chop card. But wait.. how can it be a playable card, clearly we can play 4 , so anser waits and sees Sanjana( bluewhale) 's card. Bluewhale  on the other hand realises that it's a "finesse" , so by convention plays her leftmost card..  And when she plays, she realises "Oh wait that was a playable card but it wasn't White 3" , so guesses that her slot 2 card must be White 4.  She waits for another