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Are Olympiads that important?

Hey everyone! This is probably not the best post I have written but I thought something is better than nothing :P. So everyone who is in the Olympiad community have seen blogposts of pro-people describing how they qualified some fancy Olympiads.  But very few people talk about sad stuff. And yes INMO is now officially 2 weeks away.. Let me talk about a few things though: EGMO TSTs: I feel very ashamed to share but I got 1 mark in my EGMO TSTs. Tests in which I literally gave my whole life. I did so many ISLs ( like SO MANY), I mocked EGMO 2020 TST where my score was 28/42 and I perfected Day 2. 1 mark in the TST just showed my true potential. There are way better people than me in olys. A friend even said to me, "If I wouldn't have got into the team, I would have left math". I felt my whole hard work wasted. I have realised that hard work to some extent helps you in Olys but in the end, you really have to be smart( Not dumb like me).  My mental state after EGMO TSTs was