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New Blogpost, after decades:-

INMO completed finally!!! I will write my experience/all other we do in the blog ( if I qualify/get merit awardee ) i.e making an excuse of not writing. During this period, I and Anand ft Arpan Bhaiya did a lot of G-Solves, like seriously a lot. ( Fun fact:- Anand didn't prepare anything this year and he solved 3 problems and some partials. So he is too pr0. ). Anyways, here's basically a collection of some modular bash problems, which one should try to motivate himself, they are RMO level. These problems are trivialised by zsig i.e why RMO level. If you want more INMO level problems do check out . I created it just to hide my frivolous forum posts (:P) but it's growing, and free of spam! Some Problems:- ( If you want the source, feel free to ask in comments I am just to lazy to type the source), one can take this as an High  RMO level compilation mock(?). If you want to attempt this as a mock, then 3hrs is perfect!