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Problems with meeting people!

Yeah, I did some problems and here are a few of them! I hope you guys try them! Putnam, 2018 B3 Find all positive integers $n < 10^{100}$ for which simultaneously $n$ divides $2^n$, $n-1$ divides $2^n - 1$, and $n-2$ divides $2^n - 2$. Proof We have $$n|2^n\implies n=2^a\implies 2^a-1|2^n-1\implies a|n\implies a=2^b$$ $$\implies 2^{2^b}-2|2^{2^a}-2\implies 2^b-1|2^a-1\implies b|a\implies b=2^c.$$ Then simply bounding. USAMO 1987 Determine all solutions in non-zero integers $a$ and $b$ of the equation $$(a^2+b)(a+b^2) = (a-b)^3.$$ Proof We get $$ 2b^2+(a^2-3a)b+(a+3a^2)=0\implies b = \frac{3a-a^2\pm\sqrt{a^4-6a^3-15a^2-8a}}{4}$$ $$\implies a^4-6a^3-15a^2-8a=a(a-8)(a+1)^2\text{ a perfect square}$$ $$\implies a(a-8)=k^2\implies a^2-8a-k^2=0\implies \implies a=\frac{8\pm\sqrt{64+4k^2}}{2}=4\pm\sqrt{16+k^2}. $$ $$ 16+k^2=m^2\implies (m-k)(m+k)=16.$$ Now just bash. USAMO 1988 Suppose that the set $\{1,2,\cdots, 1998\}$ has been partitioned into disjoint pairs $\{a_i,b_i\}$ ($1\leq